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Hope your month of March went well,time truly flies, April already can you you believe it?! Can you believe that we got through the Senegalese elections time like this?! I can’t with all the tension that was building up, the local & international predictions of  civil war , our media coverage, the stubbornness of our former head of state, the martyrs of this election 2011, the predictions of our religious leaders, NO I just didn’t expect for it to be over in such a peaceful way, but Alhamdoulilah God is Good!! Anywhoo I’m excited about this month, I’ve been invited to show my amateur photography work on April 24th at the Sokhamon Hotel Dakar along the side of my elder Sea Diallo, what an unexpected privilege, I’ll share more on that as the date get closer, so voila excited to work, to live,praise, work out, love, attend events, ect, What

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In the name of Allah! Good morning everyone, hope all is good !Yesterday I had a phenomenal time at the TAM show that took place at the Centre Culturel Francais de Dakar, it was just superr! The show was created over the span of one year  by Ghanaian musician/dj/cultural activist Igor (Eclectica).  While living in his native Ghana during his childhood, he was nourished with  the traditional sounds  of women pounding mil, briklayers, people  drinking tea in the streets, bref he was inspired by all the harmonious noise you find yourself listening to in rural areas.. It was a beautiful exciting show, he hired tradional and hip hop dancers to take us on a journey, a bridge between our traditions and our modern life of today. The dancers worked for 2 months but when you look at the show they are so professional and so into it that it seems

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Hey guys how was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you are ready for Monday, I know most people dislike Monday and I’m no different but anywhoo…I wanted to share my coup de coeur for this Dubai based Sudanese brotha Moawia Ahmed Khalid AKA Nile (his stage name is inspired by the famous Nile river)This elegant man  was raised between Sudan and Dubai where he currently resides. Apart from singing lovely he also plays the keyboard and the guitar. I took the time to listen to his songs on his official youtube page, I like his original songs “Lose Control ” feat Khaled Yassin “Lonely”,”Still in Love” and I enjoyed listening to his covers of contemporary R&B artists bref I enjoyed him. Yaye

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Sudanese Top Model Alek Wek rocking her jeans! In the name of Allah! Hope all is good with everyone this Saturday and that you are enjoying your weekend to the fullest! Just like most women I love jeans, you can dress them up dress them down. Bref fashion is fun with the right pair of jeans because yes you have to find the One that’s really well cut, no camel toe not too loose not too tight..and that as well all know can take some time lol anywhoo wanted to showcase just a few Famous Fabulafricanas who rock it the cute way…Oh and do you remenber this song below?! Have a nice weekend, Yaye!

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In the name of Allah Subahan’Allah, Ok real talk, for a while I felt like I wasn’t moving forward , didn’t feel like writing,didn’t feel like doing much..I fellt as if I was losing myself, my faith in Allah, my will to take one step forward. One day the pain got to its extreme, I just didn’t know what to do anymore but to run to our father ..Allah and that’s what I did! I went to the mosk and felt a sense of peace , spoke with the Imam of my neighberhood mosk , started reading and reading some more until my soul said OK Yaye thanks for feeding me…starting a spiritual Muslimah journal! My close friends and the  him in my life helped me tremendously..seriously I had hit rockbottom there were no other choices but to run back to Allah, don’t know if any of y’all had similar

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In the name of Allah! What I really would like to point out on this post is mainly the growth of songwriter Rokia Traore.I feel that she’s not recognized enough for her contribution to  African art.When I was college I used to listen to her regularly, her voice always brough me back at home, back to my tradional roots with that promise of seeing my land soon !In this project, Rokia was picked by Toni Morrison and theater director to write and play the music during  the Desdemona theater tour.Mrs Morisson said that she didn’t necessarly understand what Rokia said in bambara but she felt her and connected to her. I watched  a very interesting interview with Peter Sellars, Toni Morrison and Rokia Traore on the making  and meaning of the play, and I was so impressed with the eloquence of our Malian sister. At some point in the conversation

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Voila hope you are inspired to go after your dreams, I know I am looking at these beautiful sistas, but there are so many more, during this year I’ll work at showcasing many more phenomenal women, enjoy your women’s day and share love with your galfriends,trust me we all need to hear words of encouragment,a nice compliment, a piece of constructive advice! Thankful for all the beautiful women in my life, enjoy your day! In the name of Allah,Yaye!

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In the name of Allah Aight so we represented at the Victoires de la Musique France 2012! Inna Modja the Malian/French singer was nominated for best female revelation artist 2012, unfortunately she didn’t win but she got to perform at the Award. Imany representing the Comores Island was also nominated, she didn’t go home with the award but during a tv interview she expressed how happy she was to be invited to perform at the event! I saw her live couple years ago in my hometown and she was great ,que du chemin sis, BRAVO! The Belgian/Rwandan artist Stromae came to party as well , performed as well was nominated for best tour 2012,but didnt’ win unfortunatelyBoth Booba and La Fouine were nominated for best hip hop album,Corneille and Amel Bent paid a beautiful hommage to Michel Berger!In all was nice to see our African artists in France doing their

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In the Name of Allah… Ahhhh what a breath of fresh air, the Art season has officially started and I’m telling you it’s about timeeeeee! As you probably know my country is in the midst of elections we don’t know how it will end but it’s been heavyyy (will write a post on that subject)  Peope have been afraid to go out at night and frankly we didn’t have the heart to it but thank God for painters EL Sy and Sarane who hosted on March 2nd a beautiful and so “dove -peaceful event” if I may say  at the Galerie Nationale d’Art of Senegal…and i’m telling you it was more than I expected. I wasn’t familiar with both artists work so it was cool to discover their labour. What’s funny is that I bumped into my friend Akya Sy from  www.wakh-art.blogspot.com ,a young hip & artsy wonderful active blogger

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Cheers to new life surprises, to new goals, to new friendships, new career moves, reklinding family relationships, to beautiful love stories or being able to handle the ups and downs of relationships, to facing life hurdles, to standing tall and strong in front of difficult choices, to staying healthy, to loving& bettering ourselves.I learned a lot about friendships in 2011, learned to keep things to myself and believe in myself a little bit more..not saying that I’m totally there but the bean is growing..This year I want to live consciously, as in not letting life go by and I look back months from now and I wonder where did life go … I lost two important people in my life this past year a cousin that blessed us all with his kind & generous spirit and a soul brotha with whom I shared so much…We used to share the same

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