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picture courtesy of the NYU Gallatin edu website I admire this woman because she keeps on beating all the odds.Se was born in post-apartheid Soweto in a financially struggling family but where education was always stressed as a must. While in high school encouraged by her mother Magogodi didn’t hesitate to apear on TV to ask for funding to attend school in America. Among her many academic achievements,this brilliant young woman attended Gallatin NYU for a master degree whith an emphasis on African social entrepreneurship & business for social change.She’s the co-founder of Zenzele Circle an angel network which helps African start up and medium sized entrepreneurs link up with western and african angel capital investors. One of Zenzele Circle’s goal consists of :”We are working toward the long-term goal of developing Africa’s local seed and early stage capital markets, by facilitating co-investment between western investors and a new generation

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I’m always complaining about the lack of beautiful coffee table books penned by African writers & photographers until I found this gorgeous book written by an African creative group lead by  producer Ghael Samb Fall.The book consists of a serie of beautiful texts, poems & photographs.You may know some of the authors featured  like  Wasis Diop,Jacob Desvarieux,DJ Awadi,Khady Sylla,Nafissatou Dia Diouf….Among the photographers featured,you’ll find Fatou Kande Senghor,Jacques Daniel Ly,Matar Ndour,Matar Lika Gueye.. bref very interesting people with their own perspectives of Dakar. The book is edited by a local publishing firm Vives Voix,the main sponsors are local, so people see the dream is possible.I love the book and I know that I’ll read it again, they’ve really captured the complexity , the generosity, the vibrant personality, the rough edges , the hope, the colors, the coquettishness, the “Yallah bakhna mentality”(God is good mentality), the nostaliga one feels when they

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Today is Akon’s bday, the Senegalese American Artist turns 39 years old today:) Happy 26th bday 2 Chicago Bulls player, Sudanese born Luol Deng Happy 34th bday to Sudanese British Model Royalty, Alek Wek She Loves..She loves a birthday:)

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Hey y’all how are y’all ? Had a beautiful Sunday afternoon and an enlighting conversation with a friend,  a business entrepreneur and a woman I look up to .We had an interesting conversation that made me look everything blog related in a larger scope I had an -aha moment.After a good chat over some sweet tea for me (the addicted one) and a regular tea for her (the reasonable one) I feel that we should all have a sisterfriend /mentor,someone you can talk to who’s alrealy ahead on the road to success that you are engaging into , someone who could give you things to think about in an objective way, someone who gets it .It’s good to bounce off ideas with people that are positive and who want to grow & see u do the same . Happy Monday y’all:) She Learns Indeed!

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“We need to find God and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.”/Mother Theresa Hello guys how are you,? Hoping you had a good week.Here in Dakar monday was a holiday therefore  the week went by very quickly! I’m good ,just wanted to wish you a beautiful weekend and share some thoughts about silence. Sometimes when no one is home & friends or family aren’t available 2 chat we find ourselves alone but do we truly take the  time to enjoy that “me time”? I admit that there’s been moments in my life when I could have been more productive with my alone time in for example taking that opportunity to love me more, to nurish my soul with positive thinking, with self evaluation instead of wasting my time thinking I’m bored lol..you feel me right?:) I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting close to the big 35 

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This past summer brotha Lenyne invited me 2 “check out” a talent show he was hosting at the French High School Jean Mermoz Dakar/Senegal.  Yacine & I went together, and as soon as we entered the facility we had a epiphany we are old mamas now . Man these kids are fashionable , it felt we were entering another country where trends were ZA TRENDS!  We had totally forgotten what being a teenager was like, you know how like you wanted to wear the tightest little outfits, you wanted people to look at you, you wanted to show how you knew every word to every trendy song lol you remenber now?:) However I was pleasantly surprised 2 see these kids embrace a little bit of their African culture.For the most part they danced 2 coupe decale, kuduro tracks . Years ago French schools kids were too westernized to proudly embrace

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Hey guys how are y’all?:) Hope you had a good saturday & for those of you who celebrate Easter, happy holidays:) Just wanted to share a video with a few dancers after the TAM show. Ben J is one of my fav’ hip hop dancer here in Dakar, beautiful personality, totally in love with hip hop and a cool & generous guy to talk with! Til next time Mr Kasse:) Yaye

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In the name of the Almighty! I chose to associate my fav’ Senegalese vocalist Anne Elisabeth Marie Kande & the word sincerity why? simply because listening to her singing is a tribute to pure sincerity.For those of you who are die hard fans of the choir Afrikiyo you know what I’m talking abt, Maminatou is anointed, her voice is gorgeousss and pure.I’ve had a male friend call me simpy 2 enquire about her angelic gift.I recall once being backstage with her and other choir members & surprisingly hearing them say with tenderness : “sing Maminatou sing ” I told her that she had a bright future ahead of her and she said “by God’s grace”…(how humbling) If she wanted to she could def’ be a diva in the wrong sense of the word but she chose to stay graceful and as anymous as she can in this particular group setting.When

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She lives…She lives Urban Soul! There’s just some ‘real special about this woman, I find her just really interesting. I’ve been listening to her work for quite a while but I never came around about sharing it on Fabulafricana. She’s Nigerian American and proud to be, matter of fact she plans on manufacturing her next project in Nigeria. She’s true to her art, she’s serious about revolutionizing the way we connect to digital art. Her sound is influenced by hip hop, neo soul, afro beat, and so many other musical styles.I really dig the way she goes about promoting her work, just take a look at her youtube chanel you’ll be able to dig what I’m saying.If you get a chance listen to her adaptation of  Sade’s song ” Like a Tatoo” …MAGIC! You can tell she put serious work in her lyrics, in her EP’s, her videos, bref it’s

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Last summer I was invited to be a guest on EMAG the weekly english news show on National TV,RTS. I was really nervous about going on TV & didn’t know how it was gonna go but thank God the host Adama was simply adorable …(big up to you frere) I went with my girl Yacine and we had a good time with the EMAG team.They asked me about my stay in the States and how it influenced me.They asked me about Fabulafricana, my goals ect..Thank you so much Adama for the love , it was a joy behind around you , you have such a beautiful personality, keep doing you brotha!! Yaye

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