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This is one of my fav’ personal fav’ pic I took couple of years ago at a dance show. It’s blurry but I love it, I love it because of the movement in the moment.One of my fav’ things to do is take pictures .I love portrait photography, street style, events photography.I love underlining real emotions implied in the gesture, the movement and the imperfections. I would like to develop a stronger photographic personal sense. I recently found out about the interview series by renown celebrity photographer Mark Seliger on the Reserve Channel via youtube, I am learning lots through them. Yaye

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If you ever find yourself on my blog intentionally ,by accident know that my name is Yaye.I’ve been in & out of the blogging world for over 7 years.Over the years,sometimes I blogged sometimes I didn’t.By nature, I try to be sincere in everything that I do.For the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been in deep reflection of what this virtual space means for me.I sometimes think of shutting it down,at times I miss it, wanna write more, at times I just don’t know what to share.I’m giving it a shot again lol and we’ll see.When I started years ago the purpose was to learn for myself and to share what African people of the 21st century are doing.Since then there is a pletoria of proud & fabulous African bloggers doing a wonderful job of it, an entire industry of fabulous African bloggers actively sharing and searching for our

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